UTMC Sweeps 2005 Top Docs List

Friday, April 15, 2005

By Wendi Hope Bishop, Writer / Editor of eBusiness. 

Cardiologists. Oncologists. Neurologists. Surgeons. The Knoxville, Tenn., area is home to many incredible doctors that deserve recognition for the outstanding job that they perform. Each year, CityView, a magazine with content focusing on the Knoxville region, releases its list of the year’s “top docs” in the Knoxille medical community. The March issue reveals the winners in the article “2005 Top Doctors.”

The list is founded on results from an opinion survey based on professional respect from the acknowledged person’s peers. The magazine surveyed licensed physicians and asked them to “list the physicians to whom they would most likely refer a member of their own family.”

This year, a majority of the honored doctors on the list are part of UT Medical Center. The medical center has a rich history in the community of providing patient-centered care and remaining at the forefront of research and technology. UT Medical Center attributes its well-respected standing within the community to the exceptional people that dedicate themselves to patient care excellence. The following list is the UT Medical Center doctors that are Top Docs in Knoxville.

Active UT Medical Center Staff

Jerry L. Epps
J. Russell Langdon
Phillip R. Mitchell

John H. Acker
Stuart J. Bresee
J. Christopher Scott

Cardiothoracic Surgery
Raymond A. Dieter III
Thomas E. Gaines
Brent A. Grishkin
John W. Mack Jr.

Cardiovascular Surgery
Raymond A. Dieter III
Thomas E. Gaines
Brent A. Grishkin
Robert Helsel
John W. Mack Jr.

Colorectal Surgery
Julio A. Solla

Critical Care Medicine
Paul D. Banick
Paul R. Branca
J. Russell Langdon
Kevin M. Martinolich
Magnus O. Meyer III

Lawrence L. Bushkell
Charles I. Huddleston
Clark E. Julius

David L. Shupp

Diagnostic Radiology
Judson R. Gash

Peter J. Campbell
Thomas W. Doty III
William M. Law Jr.
Daniel K. McCammon
Casey J. Page
John B. Williams

Family Practice
Daniel E. Brewer
Daniel L. Cox
Larry E. Davis
M. David Stockton

Mark D. Anderson
John A. Stancher

General / Internal
Calvin M. Bard
Douglas L. Davis
Daniel S. Ely

General Surgery
Hobart E. Akin
H. Sperry Nelson Jr.

Geriatric Medicine
Larry E. Davis
Kim R. Emmett

Gynecologic Oncology
Kenneth F. Cofer

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Pleas R. Copas Jr.
Susan P. Dodd
Robert F. Elder

Hand Surgery
Richard S. Smith

Hematology / Oncology
Wahid T. Hanna
Richard T. Lee
Stephen S. Miller

Infection Disease
Russell J. Smith

Neonatal - Perinatal Medicine
Mark E. Anderson
Mark S. Gaylord
Kelly Wright

Thomas R. Miller
Paul B. Serrell
Urath Suresh

Neurological Surgery
Lewis W. Harris Jr.
James A. Killeffer
William S. Reid
William E. Snyder Jr.
William A. Tyler Jr.

Michelle L. Brewer
W. Scott Bridges
John H. Dougherty Jr.
William A. Paulsen

Neurology (Child)
Karsten Gammeltoft
Christopher A. Miller

Nuclear Medicine
Gary T. Smith

Wahid T. Hanna
Richard T. Lee
Stephen S. Miller
Timothy J. Panella

Paul D. Froula
David J. Harris Jr.
Bradley L. Pearman

Orthopedic Surgery
Thomas C. Beeler
Michael S. Eilerman
E. Michael Holt
Gregory M. Mathien
Cameron J. Sears

Leslie L. Baker
Leonard W. Brown
Robert A. Crawley
Richard J. Depersio
William D. Horton II
John P. Little

Larry E. Rodgers

Pediatric Specialists
Alan E. Anderson
Maricarmen Malagon-Rogers
Christopher A. Miller

Physical Medicine
Michael C. Craig
Jeffrey S. Hecht

Plastic Surgery
Joseph T. Chun
David B. Reath
James W. Taylor

Steven L. Spalding

Kevin M. Martinolich
Elise E. Schriver

Anton M. Allen Jr.
Judson R. Gash
Kenneth A. Rule

Gary L. Klipple

Surgery (Oncology)
John L. Bell
Paul S. Dudrick
Vinay K. Gupta

Paul A. Hatcher
Edward D. Kim
Frederick A. Klein
W. Bedford Waters

Surgery, Vascular
David C. Cassada
Michael B. Freeman
Mitchell H. Goldman
Scott L. Stevens

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