Minimally Invasive Surgery

Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery – SILS

Recent advances in laparoscopic techniques have allowed the surgeons at University Surgeons Associates to perform many of the procedures previously done through several puncture wounds to be done through a single incision site, usually the umbilicus (belly button).  Even advanced laparoscopic procedure can sometimes be done through a single incision site, although it may require a larger incision that is visible.  This technique cannot be used in every patient, in which case additional incision sites are used. 

The surgeons at University Surgeons Associates are experienced in these new techniques and utilize them frequently.  The primary advantage of SILS procedures is absence of a visible scar once the umbilical site has healed.  Recovery and potential complications are similar to classic laparoscopic surgery.

is sils right for you?

Although single incision laparoscopic surgery has cosmetic benefits, it may not be appropriate for some patients. Obtain a thorough medical evaluation by one of our surgeons and in consultation with your primary care physician find out if the technique is appropriate for you.

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