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University Surgeons Associates works with University Bariatric Center at the University of Tennessee Medical Center to provide a comprehensive approach to Weight Loss. Its multidisciplinary team of consultants made up of surgeons, dietitians, exercise specialists and administrative staff will partner with you to provide a weight-loss program that addresses your individual needs and helps you maintain your weight loss.  

The following stories are of ordinary people who decided to improve the quality of their lives after years of feeling unhappy and unhealthy.   

Meet Darrell

Procedure/Program - Laparoscopic Bypass Surgery Weight Lost - 241 lbs.

Darrell Before  Darrell After

After struggling with weight for years, Darrell decided to gain control of his weight.  He first worked with his primary care doctor to explore his options.   Then, Darrell attended seminar at the Tennessee Weight Loss & Surgery Center after which, he began a weight loss program and eventually underwent laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery by Dr. Gregory Mancini. 

With hard work and support from others, Darrell lost a grand total of 241 pounds.  He’s maintained his weight loss by eating healthfully and exercising at the medical center’s fitness center.

Meet Amber

Procedure/Program - HMR®  Weight Loss Program Weight Lost - 100 lbs.

Amber before     Amber after

Amber spent so much time caring for others - including her ailing in-laws and occupational therapy patients - she forgot about herself.  Due to “stress” eating and a lot of fast food, this 5’5” mother-of-two soon reached 237 pounds.   

Amber decided to try the HMR® Healthy Solutions® program and lost 100 pounds in 15 months.  “I didn’t expect to be able to eat as much as I did because on all the other diets, I was limited on how much I could eat.  But, with HMR®, I could eat all day long - every two-three hours, and that’s pretty much what I did to stay full. I wasn’t nearly as tempted as I had been on other diets.”  

Meet Danny

Procedure/Program - HMR® Weight Loss Program Weight Lost - 100 lbs.

Danny before     Danny after

Before Danny decided he needed to address his excess weight, his life was “just a lot of eating, watching TV, and not feeling healthy.  I didn’t do much of anything that didn’t revolve around food.” 

By the end of the HMR® program, Danny had lost 100 pounds, which he has kept off using HMR®'s maintenance tactics.  His blood sugar levels no longer soar; he’s off his diabetes medication; his snoring has stopped; and his hobbies now include jogging 20-to-25 miles a week.   

Meet Rick

Procedure/Program - HMR® Weight Loss Program Weight Lost - 187 lbs.

Rick before       Rick after

“I’ve been overweight my whole life.  Before HMR® my waist was 58 inches and I was a candidate for a heart attack and diabetes.   I had tried other diets before and would be successful initially, but would never maintain the weight loss.”

“Today I feel like I’m 17.  I feel much more alive, I move more easily, and I have more energy.   I weigh less now at 43 than I did when I was 13!  In my mind, HMR® is the only program out there focused not just on results but on helping people change their lifestyle.”


For more information, call 305-3503 to schedule a free, no-obligation information session. Always consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.


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