Surgical Health Optimization Center

The Surgical Health Optimization Center Philosophy

The Surgical Health Optimization Center was developed to help patients properly prepare for their upcoming surgery. Our goal is to improve each patient’s health in order to decrease their risk of complications during and after surgery. The best results for your surgery may require you to address health issues that increase your risk of complications. Smoking, nutrition, obesity and diabetes are some conditions that increase those risks.

Patients identified as “high risk” based on their underlying physical status and co-existing medical conditions account for more than 30% of ICU admissions, 70% of post-operative deaths and 90% of the care provided during hospitalization. Health optimization prior to surgery has been shown to help reduce hospital length of stay, hospital acquired conditions, and readmission rates; translating into better quality care and higher patient satisfaction.

Patient Partnership for Surgery

Our health optimization team of Advanced Practice Providers and Health Educators develop a preoperative risk assessment that customizes the care plan for each patient. In some cases, medications may be used to optimize your health and reduce your risk prior to your upcoming surgery. Education and individualized coaching are provided at each visit. Support groups may also be effective to assist you in reaching your health goals.

Communication with Your Physician

Your health optimization team will be in communication with your referring physician after each visit. Updates about your progress towards health improvement will he shared and celebrated. The health optimization program will be tailored for your specific surgery, preoperative goals and current health status.

Long-Term Follow-Up

We provide long term follow up care for those patients who need continued accountability, lifestyle intervention and behavior modification. We are committed to helping our patients achieve long term success to help prevent future health problems. We may follow our patients for years to ensure adequate support. Each treatment plan is tailored to meet our patients’ unique needs.